Why Working with a Johns Creek Real Estate Agent is Important

Why Working with a Johns Creek Real Estate Agent is Important

  • The Regan Maki Team
  • 08/6/23

Buying or selling a home can be a challenging process, especially if you don’t have any prior experience in the Johns Creek real estate market. Thankfully it’s not a task that you have to work on alone. Many people find that working with a trusted Johns Creek real estate agent /Realtor greatly increases their chances of success. Here are a few key benefits you can expect to experience if you hire a local real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home.

An agent can help you price your home

If you’re selling your home, choosing the right listing price is important for several reasons. Not only will it affect how much money you make from your sale, but it can also improve (or diminish) the marketability of your property. As you work together to think about the best possible list price, your agent will begin by running a Comparative Market Analysis on your home. This report will help you determine your home’s appraised value based on what other homes in the area have sold for in recent months. They will also take a closer look at the market to see if there are any gaps in your price range where your home could stand out because of a lack of availability or competition.

An agent can educate you about the market

The current state of the housing market impacts every sale or purchase. If you plan to test the market, you will want to know how quickly homes are going under contract and whether average prices are going up or down. This awareness will impact the initial offer you make if you are buying a home, and it may also dictate how quickly you proceed when you find a home you like. Both buyers and sellers will make choices during the negotiating process based on what they know about the current state of the market. Having an agent who knows and understands the ins and outs of specific markets can help relieve the stress of purchasing a home by empowering you through education.

An agent can help you stage your home

There are several steps to go through as you prepare your home to sell, and your agent is here to help with each one. They will recommend any upgrades or repairs that might increase your home’s value once it goes on the market. They can assist you in staging your home in a way that emphasizes the layout and functionality of the space. They will also remind you of the importance of depersonalizing your home and fully cleaning and sanitizing each space before you hire a professional photographer or schedule an open house. Each of these tasks can help your home grab the attention of potential buyers and motivate them to make an offer.

An agent can help you network

Networking is important whether you are buying or selling a home. In a competitive market, the best homes go under contract quickly, and your agent will often hear about new properties before they officially come to the market. They may have connections with fellow real estate agents who will let them know when they have a new home to list for sale. If they think you might be interested in seeing the home, they will pass along the information so that you can act quickly to schedule a showing or plan to attend an open house.

You can also tap into your agent’s network of connections if you have a home to sell. Your agent will spread the word about your property to other agents in the area in case they are working with any buyers who may want to see your home. It’s possible to schedule multiple showings shortly after your home goes on the market simply by tapping into your agent’s network of professional relationships.

An agent will help you negotiate

There comes a point during most transactions when the buyer and seller are trading offers back and forth with each other. The process normally begins with a buyer proposing an offer to the seller. If you are buying a home, you don’t have to make an initial offer at the seller’s asking price. Your agent will help you decide what sort of offer to make based on how long the home has been available and the current state of the market. The seller can accept or reject the offer outright, but you’ll likely receive a counteroffer. Whatever role you play in the process, your agent will help you respond to offers and counteroffers to help you get the best deal possible. They understand how to use additional tactics and tools outside of the home’s listing price to improve the quality of the deal.

An agent will help you prepare for closing

Once you have a deal in place to buy or sell a home, you’ll spend the next four weeks preparing for closing. There are several things that need to happen during this time, but your agent will keep you informed about all that you must do so that nothing falls through the cracks. They will also stand by your side at closing to answer any questions you have about the contract and clear up anything that may seem complex or unclear. This way, you will have full peace of mind about the process of transferring ownership to the new buyer.

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