Home Staging Tips for a Higher ROI

Home Staging Tips for a Higher ROI

  • The Regan Maki Team
  • 07/27/23

When selling your home, staging has an important and proven positive effect on buyers. Not only does staging help catch a buyer’s attention, but it can also make your home sell faster and at a higher price. Sellers may choose to hire a professional home stager to prepare their properties, however, there are several things a seller can do themselves to stage the home. Try one of these staging tips to increase your ROI.

Deep Clean

Buyers who are touring your Suwanee real estate will expect a spotless interior and exterior. A dirty home can distract buyers from the property’s unique features and thus detract from its true value. A buyer may also hesitate to purchase a dirty home as it can hint that there might be other issues. To align with the high-end atmosphere of Suwanee’s established neighborhoods, hire a professional to deep clean your home. Don’t just sweep and mop floors, having your carpets professionally cleaned, washing the interior and exterior of windows and dusting off cabinets, shelves, fans and HVAC registers and returns will go a long way.

Remove all smudges and fingerprints from reflective surfaces like stainless steel, glass, and mirrors. Areas like the kitchen and bathroom should remain particularly spotless. Consider removing scents with very fragrant smells. Buyers tend to think you are masking an odor if you have fragrant air fresheners. If you have pets, remove and wash their bedding. Also, pay attention to smells related to the trash. Any amount of money spent on professional cleaning will be well worth it in the end.

Declutter spaces

Decluttering is another staging project that only takes some time and supplies. Clutter obstructs a buyer’s view of the home, making it difficult to assess the property accurately. Buyers may decide there’s not enough space in a home for their belongings if cabinets and closets are overflowing. Declutter spaces by deciding what to keep, donate and throw away.

After purging and reorganizing your belongings, your home’s features should be more distinguishable. If rooms are still looking overcrowded, consider investing in temporary storage. Storing belongings in a unit can both help you keep your Suwanee real estate tidy for showings and streamline the process of moving once you go under contract and get ready to transfer the ownership to the buyer.

Fix known issues before listing

Unless a buyer intends to flip a home or make renovations, they’ll want to move into a property that’s as functional as possible. Spotting small, needed repairs can dissuade a buyer from considering your home. Sellers should fix all the small problems they can. These include covering up dents or scrapes in walls, replacing broken fixtures, and fixing broken light bulbs. Ask a friend or family member for a second opinion to ensure you’ve covered everything.

Sellers shouldn’t ignore large repairs either. Serious issues can have a negative impact on your home’s value and your ability to sell the property. Fixing issues lowers the risk of an offer falling through or a home appraisal coming in low. Select the most pressing issues first, such as problems with roofing, the electrical system, or the air conditioning. Then, weigh the pros and cons of completing other necessary projects.

Repaint the walls

Oftentimes, the simplest staging tips have the highest ROI. Repainting a home is a straightforward and effective way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property at a low cost. A coat of paint covers any stains or blemishes on walls, making the interior look brand new. The right shade can also change the mood of a room from cold and gloomy to spacious and inviting. Aim for bright and neutral tones like white, cream, and beige. These shades reflect light and create fewer shadows.

Make sure rooms look spacious

Depending on the type of room and floor plan, sellers may have to rethink each room’s layout. It’s common for rooms to be over-furnished. This makes a space look smaller and blocks the natural flow of walking and socialization. Leaving too much space in an under-furnished room can have the same effect. Make sure large spaces have couches and tables scaled to the size of the home. To complete the look, sellers may consider renting out furniture while showing. The Regan Maki Team has a designer on staff to help their Sellers with staging using their own furnishings.

Incorporate renovations

Major and minor renovations can be a serious asset in increasing your ROI if chosen correctly. Ask an agent about buyers’ interests when selecting the right project. In places like Suwanee that emphasize outdoor recreation, consider building additions that take advantage of outside spaces. Things like a front porch, an outdoor kitchen, or a raised deck are larger investments that can pay off in big ways. Minor renovations completed in the kitchen and bathroom also have an extremely high ROI.

First impression is everything

The properties in Suwanee’s luxury gated communities are large and expansive, featuring generous front lawns and backyards. Showcase this home feature by tending to curb appeal. Create a clear and clean landscape by trimming trees and bushes, mowing the lawn, and power washing walkways. Take down any front yard décor and wash down the front of your home if it’s looking weathered.

Pay attention to the front entryway as well. Sweep away the dirt and debris from the walkway for a clean and inviting look. Then, wipe down the door and polish the hardware. Sellers can repaint the front door if it needs rejuvenation. A splash of color also goes a long way, from potted plants to door decorations. We always say you can only make one good first impression!

Sell for a higher price

To get high offers for your listing, follow the home staging tips above. Always start with a clean and decluttered home. This shows buyers you cared for the property. Then, make the home feel new with a fresh coat of paint. Appeal to a buyer's practical side by completing repairs and renovations. When deciding on the right project, always ask for the informed opinion of a local real estate agent. If you’re ready to move on to your next chapter in life, wherever that might be, contact one of the experienced agents on The Regan Maki Team to guide you through the process of selling.

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